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With an experienced team of city & mountain guides, cooks & drivers, Pakistan Guides is a licensed agency  specialized in operating sightseeing, archaeological, cultural, educational and special interest tours; high treks, mountaineering expeditions, scientific expeditions, mountain & desert jeep safaris, bicycle tours, photo safaris, camel safaris, train safaris, rafting & kayaking expeditions, trophy hunting, snow skiing, exploratory trips, honey moon,  international tours & custom designed adventures to the most exotic regions of Pakistan and many popular tourist destinations of the world. With the spirit of innovation, personalized services, the invaluable experience of our "Professionals" & the strong support of our sister companies, we make each venture of yours ... an unforgettable experience ..!



All our trips are managed by a team of our professionally trained guides, cooks & sardars. Porters or pack animals carry all food, camping & kitchen gear including your personal baggage. All you need to carry in your day pack are your jacket, water bottle, camera & other small items you may need on trail. All members walk on their own pace with the "lead" & "sweep" porters providing support throughout. Food on all trips is plentiful, healthy, wholesome & varied prepared by experienced cooks trained in kitchen & table hygiene. Quality tents & foam mattresses we provide are extra spacious & comfortable. Each day's program is designed to allow all members enough time for sightseeing, photography & exploration.



The day begins with a cup of tea or coffee in your tent at around 5AM, followed by a full breakfast…, which includes cereal, milk, eggs, bread, paratha (chapati), jam, honey, corn flakes … etc. Walking begins at around 6-7 AM. We stop for lunch around noon. Lunch usually includes crackers, cheese, nuts, fruit, juice, fish, salad, bread, tea and coffee … etc, however, if the remaining trek is shorter and time permits, our cooks always try to supplement your cold lunch with at least one or two main courses of hot lunch. We normally arrive at our campsite between 2:00 p.m. and 3: pm (unless the walk is too long). You are served with tea on your arrival. The staff always arrive before you at the campsite to pitch your tents. Dinner is served around 7 p.m. and includes soup, followed by two to three main courses of stews, rice, lentils, vegetables, chicken or mutton and chapattis. There is always a desert (custard, pudding, kheer, halwa or sheer khorma) at the end of dinners which is served with coffee or black or green tea. Meals are served in rotation with a blend of local and international cuisines to maintain variety. Fresh vegetables are served for as long as it is possible on the trek. Please inform us about any dietary concerns that you may have.  We will be more than glad to fulfill your request. All our cooks and support staff are thoroughly trained in kitchen and table hygiene & observe strict hygienic code. You may give your personal water bottles to our kitchen staff every night & they’ll fill them up with boiling water … which will not only warm you up in your sleeping bag for a sound sleep but also provide you with safe boiled drinking water for the following day’s  walk.



Easy trekking/riding/driving at altitudes between 2000 M to 3000 meters but involving a lot of up & down-hill walking on well beaten mountain trails for 03 to 05 hours a day. Requires basic physical fitness with no technical knowledge or experience. Ability to tolerate extremes of temperatures for all trip grades is a must.



Moderate trekking to altitudes averaging 2500 M to 3500 M with plenty of up & down hill walking on mountain trails for 04 to 06 hours a day & possibly including brief side trips or pass crossing up to approx 4500 M. Requires good physical fitness with no technical knowledge or experience.



Strenuous trekking to altitudes of 3000 M to 4000 M involving a hard walk on steep mountain trails for 05 to 07 hrs a day but possibly including side trips, optional climbs or pass crossings over 5500 M. Requires very good health with basic use of ice axe, crampons & rope.


D : Alpine

Rigorous trekking or alpine climbing to altitudes from 4000 to 5999 M for 06 to 08 hours a day including sustained treks or climbs at altitudes exceeding 4500 M. Includes excursions, pass crossings or summit climbing upto 5999 M. Climbing knowledge with good experience & prime fitness is mandatory.



Any one who is in good health & enjoys the outdoors can join our trips. For "C" & "D" grades we may demand a health certificate & a climbing certificate for "D" grades. We only recommend self reliance, patience & sense of humor to enjoy your trips with us.



Pakistan's treks are classified into 03 zones : open, regular & closed. All regular treks require a permit, escort of a licensed guide & mandatory briefings before & after the trips at the office of the Ministry of Tourism Islamabad. The open treks do not need such formalities. No treks are permitted in the closed zones.



Upon receipt of reservation, (21 days prior) we shall immediately  mail you our trip dossiers, suggested clothing & personal equipment you need on our trips & other relevant information. A thorough briefing is given to each group before departing on trip.



Before coming to Pakistan all members must bring insurance directly from their agents covering accidents, health, ground & helicopter rescues, loss or damage to baggage. Helicopter rescue bond (100 % refundable if unused) is mandatory for all "C" & "D" grade trips.


Since all Northern Area Flights are subject to clear weather and clearance of back log, Pakistan Guides do not guarantee confirmation of seats on any such flight.


Every member must posses valid passport, visa & travel documents. Pakistan Guides will not be responsible for any delays or cancellations caused due to any such discrepancy.



Tourist Class Hotel Accommodations, Full Board Meals, Non A.C Transport (Van/Jeep/Car); Wages, Food, insurance & Equipment for Guide, Cook & Porters; Pack & Ride Animals, Tents, Mattresses, Camp Food, Kitchen Equipment, Dinning Equipment, Mess Tent, Camping Fees, Road Taxes, Entry Fees, Parking Fees & Octrois. Transportation & Porterage of a Maximum 15 Kg per person on Treks & 50 Kgs per person on Climbing Expeditions.



Air Tickets, Airport Transfers, Climbing Gear, Bicycles, Boats, Rucksacks, Sleeping Bags, Personal Clothing & Equipment; Transportation or Porterage of Excess Baggage, Ground or Helicopter Rescue Charges, Medications, Member's Insurance, Room Services, Beverages, Telephone Calls, Items of Personal Nature & any other item or service not agreed by us herein this contract.



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