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Dieter Ochsenbein - Switzerland
President Highveld Taxidermy - South Africa

The recipient of SCI's President Award, Musgrave Award, PHASA Wildlife Utilization Award, SCI's C.J.McElroy Award, Coenrad Vermark Award & CEO of Highveld Taxidermists (World's biggest Taxidermy Facility) harvested these two Ibexes in January 2011 at the age of 65 while bearing extreme pain & physical disability in his knees which were both broken in a mountain accident & despite four sugical operations doctors could hardly fix them. Our hats off to the strong  determination & sportsman spirit of this superman.
Jim Shockey - BC, Canada
President Jim Shockey Adventures - Canada

Hunts Accomplished : Sindh Ibex, Jamshoro - Winter 2009.
The world famous muzzle loader hunter successfully hunted his first Sindh Ibex in Jamshoro Pakistan. Jim was personally guided by Kaiser Khan (The CEO of Pakistan Guides). Jim is now planning to hunt the Blandford Urial, Punjab Urial, Blue Sheep and & Markhor in 2009-2010. Jim Shockey has appointed Pakistan Guides as his official hunting outfitters in Pakistan. Click here to see
Jim's Pakistan Hunts Gallery
Corey Knowlton - Texas, USA
President of Global Hunting Resources
Mr. Knowlton successfully hunted the Punjab Urial in the winter of 2008 and Blandford Urial & Sindh Ibex during winter of 2009. This Ram is the pending new world record for SCI. Corey also sponsored and filmed four hunting documentaries which are now being shown in Canada & USA and he intends to produce more such exotic films in the very near future.
Gregory Carl Bond - Texas, USA
Declared best hunter of the year 2008 Texas - USA

Trophies Taken : Blandford Urial & Sindh Ibex - Feb, 2009
At home, Greg Bond has been prized with the outstanding achievement award by the Dallas Safari Club in lieu of his great hunting achievements during 2008. While maintaining his great record, the Blandford Urial and the Sind Ibex he shot in Pakistan are also (unofficially) among the top 10 trophies of the world.
Srdja Dimitrijevic - Italy
CEO - Safari International and Hunt-in-Europe
 Trophies Taken : Himlayan Ibex & Sindh Ibex - Mar, 2008
Mr. Dimitrijevic successfully hunted Sindh Ibex, Himalayan Ibex and many Wild Boars in Pakistan. He is our official representative in Italy for Spain, Nordic Countries & Eastern Europe.
Mr. Harald Fischer - Germany
Mr. Fischer happens to be one of our most lucky clients who hunted 54 wild boars on a single trip in Pakistan and also harvested a record trophy of 22 cms. After being enthrald by Pakistan's most rewarding hunts, he now intends to bring a group of many friends next season.

Wild Boar Trophy 22 CM
Marc Hansen - USA
Trophies Taken : Blanford Urial & Sindh Ibex - Feb, 2008
Mr. Hansen successfully hunted Blandford Urial, Sindh Ibex and Punjab Urial during the winter of 2008 and intends to return to Pakistan to hunt the remaining species.
Vadim Gomzyakov - Russia
Hunts Accomplished : Blanford Urial & Sindh Ibex, Jan, 2008
A prominent hunter from Russia, Mr. Gomzykov successfully hunted Blandford Urial and Sindh Ibex in winter 2008 and wishes to visit Pakistan again to hunt the remaining species.
Roberto Bicciochi - Italy
Hunts Accomplished : Himalayn Ibex - Mar, 2008
One of Italy's world famous professional hunters Mr. Bcciochi successfully hunted Himalayan Ibex in upper Gojal - district Gilgit. At the age of 68, he made a day trip to an altitude of over 14,000 ft (4268 M) and shot the Ibex before sunset.
Nicholas Mundt - USA
A professional videographer and a prominent American hunting guide. Mr. Mundt & successfully hunted Blandford Urial, Sindh Ibex & Punjab Urial but unfortunately missed his Himalayan Ibex due to bad weather. He's determined to return & retire his debt very soon.
Chris Nash - Australia
CEO - Simon Nash Safaris, Australia
A prominent PH, Photographer and outfitter from Australia, Mr. Nash guided hunts of Blandford Urial & Punjab Urial in the provinces of Balochistan & Punjab.
John Gulius - USA
Trophies Taken : Blanford Urial & Sindh Ibex, Feb, 2008
An experienced hunter from USA, Mr. Gulius loves Pakistan & successfully hunted Blandford Urial, Sindh Ibex and Himalayan Ibex during winter 2008.  He will return to hunt a Markhor & Blue Sheep in the winter of 2009-2010.
Mr. Helmut Westermeir - Germany
Mr. Westermeir accompanied Mr. Fischer and hunted over 30 boars in a single trip and also harvested a record trophy of 22.5 cms. After being enthrald by Pakistan's most rewarding hunts, he also intends to bring a group of many friends next season.
Scott Dee Headley
From BASA Resources - Kilogore, Texas - USA
On his way to Pakistan, Dee lost his gun along with his scope and other hunting gear in Dubai but with a primitive borrowed gun & scope, he shot a beautiful ram on the very first day of this exuberant hunt in Shimshal Valley thus making a new record of the fastest Blue Sheep Hunt at over 16,000 feet above sea level.
Click here to see Dee's Blue Sheep Hunt Photo Gallery
Konstantin Popov - Russia
Trophies Taken : Blanford Urial & Sindh Ibex - Jan, 2009
Another prominent hunter from Russia. Mr. Popov loved Pakistan and its wonderful species. He hunted a Blandford Urial & Sindh Ibex in Jamshoro (Sindh) in Jan 2009 and will definitely return to hunt many other species.
Chance Cornett - From Texas USA
Sindh Ibex - Jamshoro, Sindh

With his custom made 7mm-300 mag, Chance did not take any chance and shot a beautiful 41+ inch Ibex on his very first day of hunt.  He intends to return for more hunts in Pakistan.
Dr. Josephy Zbylski - Colorado USA
Himalayan Ibex - Kurumbar Valley
One of the senior most & active hunters of all times, Dr. Zbylski & his guide Zargham Khan are proudly posing with their Himalayan Ibex which Dr. Z shot from 407 meters in Kurumbar with his Browning 7Mag after being stuck in snow stormy weather for over 19 days in base camp. This was Dr Z's second attempt in 2 years to harvest this Ibex which is a challenging hunt of all the mountain species.
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