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VNC Travel

Catharijnesingel 70, 3511 GM Utrecht

Postbus 79, 3500 AB Utrecht

Tel # 030 231 1500
Fax +31 90) 30 231 0232

email info@vnc.nl website: www.vnc.nl

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Date : Thursday, 30th Sep 1999

To Whom It May Concern

If you receive this letter from Mr. Kaiser Khan, (the owner of Pakistan Guides) please note that you are about to negotiate and may be cooperate with a reliable and honest business partner, capable of handling all kinds of tours to all accessible regions in Pakistan.

VNC Travel is a moderate-size tour operator in Holland, specialized in organizing tours to destinations in Asia for over 26 years now. The product we represent includes all sorts of organized group tours - from low-budget to extremely luxurious full package tours- as well as tours designed for individual travelers. Having China and countries along the Silk Road as the major core destinations and with bad experiences in the past with local agents, we were looking for a reliable partner and we truly found one in Pakistan Guides.

During the period of constructing the deal of cooperation, with Mr. Kaiser Khan, we found him to be fair, honest and open minded for suggestions. The deal is always very clear with no hidden trick.

During the first period of cooperation we faced some difficulties with the groups we sent, like clients returning to Pakistan due to uncross able landslides and broken road on the Chinese side of the border and lost properties ..etc but Mr. Kaiser handled them all in a very satisfying manner, with a fair solution of problems in terms of responsibility, costs and personal care.

We hope Mr. Kaiser will be given the opportunity to prove himself to be good partner in your travel business, just like he showed his reliability, responsibility and professionalism to us.

Kind regards

Andre' Ruitenbeek

Product Manager - Group Tour Department

VNC Travel - Holland


Gjsbrecht van Amstelstraat 392
1216 CC Hilversum, The Netherlands
Tel # 035-6219445 - Fax # 035-6236174
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To Whom It May Concern

Antieke Wereld BV is an up market Dutch tour operator mainly in the business of fully organized cultural group tours on academic level all over the world and established in 1954.

After working for many years with another agency in Pakistan, we have for the first time ventured to cooperate with Pakistan Guides, for our group tours in March 1998.

In the process of setting up this all-Pakistan tour, Mr. Kaiser appeared to be very attentive and full of suggestions, which he brought out with the care of a true professional. I do not hesitate to say that it turned our to become a tour with a great difference, in which our adagium to focus on culture, architecture and history as well as on the current affairs with regard to the people and their lived culture could come to full bloom. As a result, this group returned home very happy and fully satisfied from Pakistan.

We have side -businesses and one of them is organizing a very special biking tour from China to Pakistan, which is forthcoming in June and we are happily leaving the local organization to Pakistan Guides, as well as all other tours to Pakistan in future.

If anyone wants to be informed about Mr. Kaiser Khan and his excellent professional services, please do let me know.


Drs. P. Van Der Lende

Managing Director

Top Guides - USA
1825 San Lorenzo Ave
Berkeley, California
94707-1840, USA
Tel # 800 867 6777 & (510) 527 9884
Fax # (510) 527 9885 & (510) 525 0652

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To Whom It May Concern

My company Top Guides Treks and Tours has worked with Mr. Kaiser Khan of Pakistan Guides for about four years now. We put several mountaineering groups through his operation with no problems. In fact, he is the only tour operator I know of in Pakistan who refunds unused supplies at the end of an expedition.

Mr. Khan is a man of his word. He has great integrity and honor. He is detail oriented and has served in many roles both in the field on expeditions and tours and in a travel office. Thus, his understanding of what all goes into successful trip for various nationalities is well developed.

He can present impassioned slide presentation with great photos and is a persuasive speaker. But above all, he delivers and your clients will be very happy with his services.

Please feel free to contact me for further reference.


Kathryn Levenson

Director, Top Guides


Nomade Experience

Grand-Rue 26, C.P 312
1630 Bulle, Switzerland
Tel # 026/9139800 Fax # 026/9131700
e-mail : voyages@nomade.ch

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To All Tour Operators

As a Swiss tour operator specialists of Asia, Nomade Experience organizes cultural and adventure tours to Pakistan for many years. Trekkings, jeep safaris, expeditions and cultural discovery of pakistan are part of this favorite desitination of ours.

We would like to recommend the services of Mr. Kaiser Khan, the owner and operator of Pakistan Guides who has sound professional background and decades of experience in operating cultural and adventure tours in Pakistan with great competence.

Nomade Experience has been using their services from 1993. Pakistan Guides has always given us excellent services, personalised attention and most competitive rates. For these reasons we stronglt recommend the services of Pakistan Guides to all other tour operators.

Christine Dupre                                                                                                                Catherine Blein
Director                                                                                                                           Group Manager
French Translation
 From Nomade Experience

A tous les tours opérateurs

Madame, Monsieur,

En tant que tour opérateur specialize sur I’Asie, Normade Expérience enovie réguliérement des groupes au Pakistan, que ce soit pour des voyages sulturels, des jeep safaris, des trekkings ou des expeditions.

Monsieur Kaiser Khan, proprtétaire et directeur de Pakistan Guides, posséde une longue experience professionnelle dans I’organisation de voyages culturels et d’aventure Nomade Experience fait appel à ses services depuis 1993. Nous avons toujours été pleinement satisfaits des prestations fournies, du service personnalisé et des prix intéressants qu’il nous propose.

Nous recommandons les services de Pakistan Guides à tous les tours operateurs.

Christine Dupre                                                                                                                  Catherine Blein
Director                                                                                                                             Group Manager


Dear  Mr Kaiser Khan

In my previous function of Managing Director of Antieke Wereld BV in Hilversum. The Netherlands I had kindly requested You to be the incoming tour operator for a guide of 11 Dutch bikers, who came from China all along the Karakoram Highway to Rawalpindi.

The group left Pakistan safely on 30 June 1998 and I have spoken to them shortly after I wanted to inform You that the group enjoyed and esteemed very well your impeccable services and a lot of – I may say – amazing and unprecedented extras such as a reception by the Minister of Tourism and the ambassador of the Netherlands, as well as an interview on Pakistan Television on 1 July.

Concluding this we are very satisfied with Your services and we wish to add that our clients also back here have been busy to record their experiences and we hope it will get a follow-up in other groups.

With many thanks

Drs P. van der Lende

Product manager Cultural and Environment tours,

World Travel Holland



Last March I  visited Pakistan for seventeen days as a tour leader with a group of Dutch travelers. This journey was organized by ANTIEKE WERELD (tour operator at Hilversum, Netherlands) in close cooperation with Kaiser Khan, director of PAKISTAN GUIDES at Rawalpindi.

The majority of our customers are frequent travelers interested in art, architecture and culture in general. I myself, having studied Art History and specialized in South and Central Asia at the Universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, feel I can fairly well judge the capacities of Mr Kaiser Khan.

Mr Khan who assisted me in a very pleasant way during this tour organized for us a comfortable bus and a very trustworthy and friendly driver as well as a capable local guide. Also I appreciated his capability to comply with special wishes of the group. Besides Mr Khan is a very cheerful and amiable character and could deal well with sudden events. To our utter delight he brought us in contact with different groups of society such as politicians, artists like quality musicians, traditional puppet players and transvestite-dancers. In short he gave personalized attention to my group which was greatly appreciated.

I cannot but conclude that Mr khan is an able organizer and offers high quality services.

Drs. T. Spruijt-Boschma

Van Beverninghlaan 4

2801 AE Gouda


0182 513631

The Royal Netherlands Embassy


Heremede bevestigt deze Ambassade van zeer goede ervaringen met Dhr. Kaiser Khan zijn hoedaingheld van organisator van reizen binnen Pakistan.

Dhr. Khan heft in april 1998 een zeer originals en succesvolle reis georganiseered visor een groep Nederlandse fietsers. Daarnaast heft Dhr. Kaiser Khan zich between al seen zeer betrouwhaar persoon die in zijn afspraken nakomt en een zeer persoonlijke reisplan ken opzetten voor eiders wens.

Hiermee zou deze Ambassador Dhr. Kaiser Khan van harte willen aanbevelen als uw partner in de organisatie van reizen binnen Pakistan.

De Ambassadour,

 Translation of Aanbeveling

Favoring Mr Kaiser Khan. (01 DEC 98)

This Embassy testifies of its very good experiences with Mr. Kaiser Khan in his capacity as organizer of travels within Pakistan.

During  1998 Mr. Khan has organized a very original and successful trip for a group of Dutch cyclists. Also Mr. Khan has proven himself to be a very reliable person who is dedicated to his commitments and is capable of planning a very personal trip to everyone’s wishes.

This Embassy would gladly recommend Mr. Kaiser Khan as your partner in organizing travels within Pakistan.

The Ambassador.

Mr. Yaap Walkate

Institute of Judicial Studies

To whom it may concern:

We are very pleased to recommend the services of Kaiser Khan, who has served as our guide on several tours of the northern areas of Pakistan during 2001/2.

On numerous occasions, and in various ways, Kaiser has impressed us with his knowledge ability of local history and conditions, his sensitivity to matters of local culture, and his insight and resourcefulness.

In our stay in Pakistan, Kaiser has been our most useful and helpful guide who has enabled us to more fully experience and understand the richness and diversity of this special country.

Over this time,. Kaiser has become a friend and respected colleague because of the depth of his experience, his professionalism as a guide, and his attitudes and values to conservation of the environment.

We have no hesitation recommencing his services.

Livingston & Miyako Armytage


Institute of Judicial Studies


Isobel  Shaw - (Travel Writer)


I first met Mr Kaiser Khan in 1989 when collecting information for my fourth guide book to Pakistan. Pakistan Trekking Guide (1993, Odyssey, Hong Kong). He was extremely helpful to me, answering all my questions thoroughly and efficiently. He has since helped me update two of my earlier guidebooks, Pakistan Handbook and Introduction to Pakistan. I find Mr Kaiser Khan seriously interested in promoting tourism in Pakistan. He is articulate and literate and was elected the spokesman for the other private sector tour operators in their negotiations with the Pakistan Ministry of Tourism.

Kaiser Khan is innovative in his new ideas and thorough in his research and planning. He has promoted several new Tourism ideas over recent years including the clean up expedition to K2 Base Camp in 1993, tree planting at camp sites, river rafting on Swat river, some new treks, an expedition shopping catalogue and the rental of camping and kitchen gear to trekking and climbing expeditions and to back packers.

I have never taken a tour with any of the Pakistani private tour agencies. I always travel alone in Pakistan, sponsored by the government, committed and experienced Kaiser  Khan is, and having met some of his satisfied clients, I feel sure he runs an efficient agency.

Kaiser Khan is also an accomplished photographer. About thirty of his photos will appear in second edition of my Pakistan Handbook, including the cover photo.

Isobel Shaw


Author of : Pakistan Handbook,

Jens & Michael Richter


Pakistan Guides

Mr. Kaiser Khan

Islamabad, Pakistan

An alle Interessenten,

Unsere aus acht Ketterern bestehende Expedition fuhr Ietztes Jahr nach Pakistan. Es war die erste Erfahrung mit diesem Land für ale Teilnehmer.

Zufállig wählten wir Pakistan Guides als Reiseunternehmen aus. Was für ein Glück wir damit hatten zeigte uns die gesamte  Expedition, besonders aber die Zeit der Vorbereitung in Islamabad. Mir Mr. Kaiser Khan Hilfe, seinen Verbindungen und seiner Ausdauer lösten wir alle Probleme der Bürokratie in drei Tagen!

Nichts desto trotz war Mr. Kaiser Khan sehr genau: Be idem Teil der Ausrüstung, für den er verantwortlich war, fehlte nichts. Der Preis für solch guten Service war vertretbar und der gesamte Vertrag eindeutig formuliert – ohne hinterhältige Tricks.

Sogar nach unserem erfolgreichen Versuch am Nameless Tower war er weitehin der zuverlässige und ehrilche Geschäftspartner: Eingie Erdutsche hatten unsere Pläne gründlich durcheinander gebracht, aber Mr. Kaiser Khan zahite all nicht in Anspruch genommenen Leistungen in großmütiger Art anstandslos zurück und das noch bevor wir Pakistan verließen.

Auf Grund unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit könen wir Mr. Kaiser Khan and seine Firma Pakistan Guides mit Gewissen als ein professionell arbeitendes and kompetentes Reiseunternehmen empfehlen.

Wenn noch Fragen offen sind, dann hakt einfach bei uns nach.


Jens und Michael Richter

Tango Tower Expedition 2000

Jens and Michael Richter

Clemens-Hanusch-Weg 12

01705 Freital, Germany


e-mail: jensrichter@vr-web.de or michaelrichterve@hotmail.com


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