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This is our most popular expedition package. It is similar to our Inclusive Expedition Package and includes all services except wages, food, equipment & insurance for your porters & liaison officer. This option helps you save money by directly paying your porters for which we will give you all the necessary assistance.

Please note, the wages of your porters (which keep fluctuating) are the
most expensive part of your expedition. Despite your meticulous calculation, it is extremely difficult for you & us to calculate the exact weight of your expedition prior to your arrival in Pakistan which will make it difficult for us to calculate the exact number of porters. So if we quote you for our package including porters, we'll have to calculate at a higher rate to absorb the unforeseen costs in lieu of varying numbers of porters & their fluctuating wages which will, obviously, increase your expedition's budget. So we suggest you pay your porters directly for which we'll provide you every possible assistance for hiring them, covering their insurance & providing them food & personal equipment. Our guides, cooks & sardar will also give you every assistance for handling your porters without any problems.

Based on a mutually agreed itinerary, services and terms under this option, weíll provide you a Most Economical Expedition Package which will include all the following services.


         Liaison with the Ministry of Tourism Govt. of Pakistan for issuance of your climbing permits.

         Assistance in depositing the royalty fee for the allocated peaks.

         Provision of measurements of your Liaison Officer for his personal clothing & equipment.

         Complete process for the import and export of expedition equipment to/from Pakistan.

         Custom clearance of expedition equipment at Islamabad airport.

         Delivery of food and equipment to your hotel in Rawalpindi.

         Storage of your equipment at our store in Rawalpindi.

         Hotel accommodation with breakfasts & dinners in Islamabad & Northern Areas.

         Airport transfers to/from hotel for expedition members and their equipment.

         Long haul transport (bus/jeeps as required) in Islamabad and northern areas.

        Wages, food, equipment & personal accident insurance for guide, sardar, cook and assistant cook.

         Two men dome tents & sleeping mattresses for all expedition members,

         Full board camp food on the approach march/trek & at base camp for all expedition members and kitchen staff.

         Complete kitchen & dinning equipment including pots, pans, crockery & cutlery

         Mess tent, toilet tent, mess tables, mess stools / chairs and other community gear.

         Oil &/or gas stoves & burners with kerosene oil &/or butane gas.

         Complete packing material for your local food and equipment.

         Packing of your food and equipment in 25 kg loads for easy dispersion to your porters.

         Camping fees, parking fees and road taxes.

         Tips and portage at hotels and airports. Toll taxes, parking fees and road taxes.

         Assistance for registration of expedition members.

         Issuance of mandatory helicopter bond against expedition's actual deposit.

         Issuance  of environment bond against expedition's actual deposit.

         Assistance in depositing pollution cleaning fee in bank.

         Reservation and re-confirmation of international & domestic flights.

         Any other service/s agreed in advance.



         Wages, food, personal equipment and insurance for your Low & High Altitude Porters.

         Wages, food, personal equipment and insurance for your Liaison Officer.

         Wages, food, equipment and insurance for high altitude porters and mail runners.

         Costs of climbing permits, security deposits for helicopter bond, environmental bond and pollution cleaning fees.

         International and domestic air tickets and airport taxes. Custom clearing agentís fees.

         Sleeping bags, rucksacks, climbing gear, personal clothing and equipment of members.

         Portage or shipment of any excess baggage.

         First aid kit, Oxygen, medications, insurance, any liability, ground or air rescue charges for any group member, guide, cook or porter & other force majeure conditions.

         Room services, meals on ala-carte, any special food or high altitude food.

         Services of guides, cooks and porters beyond the base camps.

         Laundry, mineral water, beverages, tea and coffee.

         Entrance fees into archaeological sites, monuments and museums.

         Costs of delays, extra services and/or extra driving or sightseeing.

         Extra room charges for earlier check-in and late check-out. (check out is 1200 hrs)

         Charges for phone, fax, telex and e-mail and all other items of personal nature & services not agreed with Pakistan Guides in advance.



Our Economy Expedition Package may approx. cost you from US$ 25/= to US$ 45/= per day per person depending on total duration, size of  expedition, the type of services you order and the standard of hotels you choose.


Whichever package you choose, we would need the following information from you to calculate your logistics and our quotations.

i     Total expedition members. Mention your cook, high altitude porters & your Liaison Officer.

ii     Estimated days A) : In Pakistan, B) : At your base camp (preferably with dates).

iii    Total expedition weight in KG.  A): Brought into Pakistan  B):  Brought back to Home.

iv    Details of services wanted or not wanted (as mentioned above).

v    Types of hotels wanted, that is : tourist class (cheaper) or standard class (moderate).

vi    Meal plan in hotels, that is : A):  Only breakfast  B): Breakfast & Dinner  C): Full board meals.

vii   Any other service or information which may help us compute our quotation !


Upon receipt of the above information, we'll send you our most competitive quotations based on our most favorable terms and conditions.


Whichever  option you choose for your expedition, we'll  give you the following Free Services !

Free - Airport transfers of both men & material in Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

Free - Delivery of expeditionís food/equipment to hotels in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Free - Hotel & Food for 2 Days for Expedition Leader in Rawalpindi prior to expedition.
Free - Transport for 2 Days for Expedition Leader in Rawalpindi prior to expedition.

Free - Packing of food & equipment in 25 Kg loads for easy dispersion to porters.

Free - Assistance for mandatory Police Registration of expedition members.

Free - Issuance of Helicopter Bond against expedition's actual deposit.

Free - Issuance of Environment Bond against expedition's actual deposit.

Free - Assistance in depositing Pollution Cleaning Fee in prescribed banks.

Free - Reservation & Re-confirmation of international & domestic flights.

Free - Storage of your equipment at our store in Rawalpindi . 

Free - Assistance for securing appointments for briefings at Ministry of Tourism.

Free - Assistance & recommendation for hiring reliable sardar, cooks & porters. 

Free - Assistance for hiring reliable sardar, cooks, low & high altitude porters.

Free - Assistance in purchasing local food & equipment for your expedition.

       : This free service is only valid for the inclusive package expeditions.

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